Leesburg Office

7 Loudoun Street, SW
Leesburg, VA 20175


Conveniently located in Loudoun County, VA, in the historic district of downtown Leesburg, offering easy commutes from the areas of Sterling, Ashburn, Lansdowne, Bluemont, Round Hill, and Purcellville.

My office is directly across Loudoun Street from the Leesburg Town Hall Parking garage (there are two parking garages in downtown Leesburg – you want the Town Hall one, not the Loudoun County Government one). Parking in the parking garage is usually most convenient –the first two hours are free.

My building is between Lou Lou’s dress shop and the B Doughnut shop. It has yellow siding with light blue trim. You will see two glassed in staircases going up one flight from the street level, with a parking lot entrance in between. Go up either staircase, and enter the building through the glass entrance door at the top landing.

You will enter directly into a small waiting area with a reception desk. My office is directly to the right.

If my door is open, come on in! If my door is closed, have a seat in the waiting area, and I will come for you promptly at our appointment time.


If you are having trouble finding me, there’s about a 90% chance you made one of these three mistakes:

    • You went to 7 Loudoun Street SE, which is about a block down the hill from my office (7 Loudoun Street, SW).
    • You parked in the Loudoun County Government parking garage instead of the Town of Leesburg parking garage. The two parking garages are about two blocks from each other.
    • You parked correctly in the Town of Leesburg parking garage, but exited to the Market Street side instead of the Loudoun Street side.