Are you struggling with something?

Perhaps it’s anxiety or depression. Maybe it’s addiction or a relationship issue. Maybe its something that is not easy to define. You may be struggling with feelings of guilt or shame. You may be fearful that something is wrong with you.

Let’s look into it together. I want our work to be a place of safety – a place where you look a bit more deeply into yourself and your world. Because here there are no judgements, only the desire to understand and to help. Does that sound like what you are looking for?

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Jack Childers LPC

Jack Childers, LPC

Do you and your partner feel stuck?

You love each other, but can’t seem to stop causing each other pain? Believe me, I understand. It’s all about tuning into each other, and I can help you do it. And, no, it’s not his fault…or yours either.

Working together, you will learn how to quickly re-establish connection when it is lost and discover a level of intimacy you may never have known or dreamed could be possible. I can help you start the journey to finding each other again…or, for the first time.

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“Your advice and service helped me out a lot. I am thankful for finding you and feel I have a better grasp on life.” -S.S.

“You’ve made a significant impact for the good on our relationship, and we really appreciate it!” – L.B.

“Thanks for meeting with me today. I learned more in 50 minutes than I have in a few years. Was a real eye opener.” – H.P.

The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.